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Email marketing software: OEMPRO (PowerMTA available)

Check it out oempro Email Marketing software for a Good email deliverability using sendgrid, mailjet, sendgrid, postfix, powemta and more features included.

Reda El KasraouiReda El Kasraoui

email marketing software

Email marketing software: OEMPRO

Email Marketing Software is a web or desktop based application that use to send email via an smtp connexion locally or remotely.

Today we will explain one of the best email marketing software in the whole web called OEMPRO.

OEMPRO is a self-hosted email marketing software with the most feature packed email marketing solution for both independent email marketers (mailers) and email service providers.

Here’s the features list :

email marketing software

email marketing software

That’s not all, most of email marketers today use to send mass emails using a solution as the following:


you can use Powermta with this powerful email marketing software like a charm, and you don’t need any mysterious configurations to make it works. all you need is to put your pmta directory pool in the settings of oempro in the administration, and setup Powermta correctly (Read this recent post from our blog).
email marketing software

this a free method of course using your own powermta which is needs to be in your current dedicated server.


you can use this smtp by adding your username and password of your account in oempro email delivery settings. and start sending from oempro, also you take care of bounce handling and suppressed subscribers automatically by using Event notifications (we will explain this later).

SMTP.COM Pricing:

10,000 emails/month : $15 Per month

50k emails/month : $70 Per month

100k emails/month : $160 Per month

500k emails/month : $500 Per month


you can use this smtp by adding your username and password of your account in oempro email delivery settings. and start sending from oempro

Free Plan:

12,000 emails/Month : $0,00 Per month

Essentials plans:

40,000 emails/month : $9,95 Per month

100k emails/month : $19.95 Per month

Pro Plans: (Including Warm up automation and a Dedicated IP Address With a High Inboxing Rate)

100k emails/month : $79,95 Per month

300k emails/month : $199.95 Per month

700k emails/month : $399.95 Per month

Premier Plans: All Features of PRO Plans are included and more than 700k depends on your request.


you can use mailgun smtp by adding your username and password of your account in oempro email delivery settings. and start sending from oempro.

Free Plan:

10,000 emails/Month : $0,00 Per month

Paid Plan:

Fill your Monthly pricing calculator by clicking here


you can use this smtp by adding your username and password of your account in oempro email delivery settings. and start sending from oempro.

Free Plan:

6,000 emails/Month : $0,00 Per month

Bronze Plan:

30,000 emails/Month : $7,49 Per month

Crystal Plan:

60,000 emails/Month : $21,95 Per month

Silver Plan:

150,000 emails/Month : $74,95 Per month

Gold Plan:

350,000 emails/Month : $199,95 Per month

Platinum Plan:

750,000 emails/Month : $399,95 Per month

Diamond Plan:

2,500,000 emails/Month : $799,95 Per month

Custom Plan:

+2,500,000 emails/Month : Get a Quote From Mailjet

Amazon SES

you can use this smtp by adding your username and password of your account in oempro email delivery settings. and start sending from oempro.

Paid Plan:

$0,99 Per every 10,000 emails

SMTP Connexion

you can use this smtp by adding your SMTP AUTH (Authentification SMTP) in oempro email delivery settings. and start sending from oempro. (this the free method).

PHP mail() Function

the same as SMTP Connexion but you no configuration required. the mail will be sent from your current mail server, most of time it will be using postfix, exim or sendmail.

Why Should we pay for those services and we still can send using the free methods?

Let’s take Sendgrid as an example, did you know that these services provided warmed up and a high reputation ip addresses from day 1? so you wouldn’t need to warm up or sending to your seeds or even mock subscribers engagements manually by buying email account stuff and bla bla…

beside, Sendgrid already had an API option to let them warm up your ip address without make a finger in your keyboard.

Time is money, so focus in your subscribers interests and Get money $$$.

Bounced data and suppression list Handling:

Oempro Email Marketing Software has gives a possibility to handle hard bounce emails using two method :

  1. Email Piping/CLI
  2. POP3/IMAP Connexion

to know how to use them, everything are documented in the official website of oempro email marketing software.

PowerMTA Alternative Option:

Oempro Email marketing software team has developed an alternative solution very similar to PMTA called MTSE (Multi-Threaded Send Engine) Plugin:

Email Marketing Software

you can try it on free trial or buy it with the software and it works with OEMPRO only, here’s a video to compare between a simple sending performance and Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin :

interested in this software? if you want to get it at a low cost click the blue button:

Grab Yours Now!
$245 one time fee

that’s not all, their a lot of amazing stuff there, i will try to write some new tutorials in the upcoming days.

Don’t forget to tell me if i miss something here…

if you like this Article don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Any question or suggestion please comment bellow.

P.S: This is a Message to All Moroccan Mailers, try to get one of yourself. you don’t need to be a slave of somebody else that makes thousands of millions dollars from your genuis mind. don’t be stupid.

Personally i don’t care if it’s Nourdin, Gary, Charlie or Spartacus lol.

Be yourself, Be a self-made, Start your Fast Way Now!

Sincerely Regards, Writed By Rek

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    I want to know more about the service. Could you offer me a email address to contact you? Or you can contact me by sending me a mail. Thanks in advance.

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    i also want to provider Bulk Email Service Gmail Inbox Delivery Can you help me i have read your all blogger every week you are the KEY of Success Please Help me

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